August 26, 2012

The Fifth Moreman

(posted by Brad) August 23rd @ 1:00 pm we welcomed Jacob Bradley Moreman to this world! He was 9 lbs. 9.4 oz. and 22 inches long. Big sisters are still getting used to him, but they seem to love him. Addie is a natural "mini-mom", and Lucy likes to look at the baby. Today, we are glad to all be home and taking naps in our own beds. Jacob seems to be very content and we are so glad he is finally here! Make sure to check out more pictures on Gina's Facebook page.

October 6, 2011

Hello, Is Anyone Out There?

Hello blogland! I feel like I need to re-introduce myself.

My name is Gina, and I am busy all the time. I follow around a 17 month old named Lucy and continuously say, "Don't put that in your mouth" or "Take that out of your mouth" or "Get your hands out of the potty!" I also have a 3 year old (soon to be 4), named Addie, who follows me around saying things like "Can I watch another one of my shows" or "Do I have school today" or "Mommy, I love you."

I am one of the cheapest people I know and will drive 18 miles out of my way to save 10 cents. Why don't computers have the cent symbol anymore? $0.10 just doesn't have the effect I am going for. I coupon and coupon and I follow blog after blog looking for the best deal. You can always ask me any day of the week where to find the cheapest milk in town since I buy about 2-3 gallons a week. I am talking about 14 different Bible studies at one time but not doing any of them and striving to get up and have a quiet time everyday before the kids wake up. I have been working out and enjoying it! Sylvia, my fitness guru, runs boot camp three days a week.

Addie has started PRE-SCHOOL! It all happened so fast, but she is doing really well and enjoying it. I thought I had problems when she brought home papers from church twice a week but now our Rapunzel backpack is full of drawings and coloring pages everyday! I am saving all of them for now but we will see if my desk drawer bursts open before May. Lucy and I walk to her school to pick her up some mornings. It is a short walk and saves on gas (back to the cheap thing).

Lucy is our parrot and repeats everything she hears. She is usually happy and fun and always loud. She hangs with me while Addie is at "cool." She is wonderful at going "night night" but wakes up during the night with either nightmares or teeth pain. She is really getting a lot of teeth these days. She is going from 4 to 10 really quickly. She is eating pretty well and enjoys grapes, strawberries, cheese, and meatloaf of all things.

I have started sewing a little and I do mean a little. I like having projects to do but sewing is like a time warp. You sit down to start a project and bam, you have spent 4 hours working on something. I would stick to knitting but I had major joint pain in my left pinky and according to Brad, I had "knittin' knuckles" and had to give it up for a couple of months.

So we are borrowing a Sleep Number Bed and trying it out. First two nights are over and I cannot say I am in love yet. The first night on 70 was hard as a rock and the second night on 45 was almost too soft. I have gotten up so sore each morning. At least tonight I know where to try, I think 55 sounds good.

Nap time is never long enough in my house, so I will wrap this up.

March 10, 2010

What's Been Going on??

Wow! What a terrible blogger I am! I will blame sickness the entire month of February as to why I have not posted, but I have no excuse for the previous month. I thought I would take some time today to catch you up on the Moreman family. Brad is working here in Greenwood for a Surveying Company as a draftsman. He is actively looking for a job as an Industrial Designer though because this current job is temporary and doesn't really use his degree, BUT it is a job all the same, and we are so thankful he was given this opportunity.

I am in my third trimester of this pregnancy and doing well. We are expecting another girl in mid-May, and we plan on naming her Lucy unless she appears with red hair and then I am not sure if I could do that to a kid. (Lucille Ball and all) Brad is expecting dark hair on this one so she should be safe with the name Lucy Elizabeth. Addie seems to be very excited about the baby and wants her to come out and play. She knows we have to be gentle with the baby - we will see how long that lasts.

Addie is doing great! She has the best little personality and cracks me up with her random comments. She is constantly impressing us with the things she knows and picks up so quickly. We started working with her on Psalm 23 and she said once, "He makes me lie down in green tractors [pastures]." She is still a tiny little thing weighing in at just under 25 pounds. She is also quite the singer favoring "Pants on the Ground" some days and just the "ABC Song" on others.

We are still trying to sell our house and have shown it on average almost once a week. It's been so "fun" keeping it spotless and show-ready with a 2 year old running around, but we have had no complaints on the look of the house- no contracts either. We have reduced the price so we are hoping for additional interest.

I have posted a couple pictures - if anyone knows how to put a picture then a caption under it, I would love to know. One picture is me pregnant at 27 weeks. Another is Addie and her friend, Cason, enjoying the outside playing in her "garden" or the squatty bush as most people call it. And yes, those are the same crocs Addie wore last year - her feet don't seem to grow either.

The LORD has been faithful to our family over the past few months. He is teaching us all sorts of things including lessons we have learned a million times. He is so faithful and loving!

January 19, 2010

Christmas Time

The reason for this story is to somehow express what a divine Christmas the LORD gave to us when it could have been such a hard time. He reminded us of His love and His mercy and that He is so holy. We are told we may never know the identities of our mystery friend(s), so this is also an attempt to spread the word about how much our lives were changed because of you. Thank you for loving on us and for the outpouring of God’s mercy through you. We will never be able to repay you or bless you in the same way, but we pray that one day we are given the opportunity to bless someone else in this way. To GOD alone be the glory!

For those of you who served us, you know who you are, thank you!


Christmas time is such a wonderful time filled with the Spirit of the season. Scents of cinnamon and freshly baked cookies capture each home, and candy seems to overflow. Decorating homes, while your favorite Christmas music plays in the background, is a much-anticipated task discovering treasures that had been packed away the year before. The decorations seem to multiply when it is time to put them away at the end of the year, and we even wonder if we should go to all the trouble the next year, but as time marches on, we look forward to decorating and would never dream of letting our homes be un-Christmassy. Wrapping presents and finding that perfect gift for each one on our list encompasses our thoughts, and food seems to taste so much better during the holiday season.

Christmas for our family was very different one year. My husband had recently lost his job and what turned into a wonderful time of celebration fizzled into a time of sorrow and pain. I was pregnant with our second child, and the stress of the year-end events weighed heavily on my mind distracting me from a two year old and her first “real” Christmas. We were almost done buying presents for our families when the news of the job hit. Bills were being paid on time, but no more money was going to come in – a reality that hit all too hard and all too soon.

A trip to the grocery store was inevitable to get a few essentials for our family. Being pregnant, I drank sodas to calm an upset stomach, take away nausea, and settle any craving. I loved Caffeine Free Dr. Pepper. I spotted them in the aisle as I was buying groceries and thought, “I do not need to buy these soft drinks. They are $4.48, and I could use that money on something else for our family, like milk or diapers. I am so selfish. I will buy them this time, but I cannot buy them again.”

A day or two later, I went to our mailbox and to my surprise, there was a 12 pack of Caffeine Free Dr. Pepper sitting on my doorstep with a huge red bow so elegantly tied and a note that read my name. I carefully brought the prize inside and read the note. It said, “On the First day of Christmas, someone gave to me a 12 pack Dr. Pepper that was caffeine free.” My heart was so flooded with joy! I immediately started to cry because I felt so loved and cared for by a secret friend. I knew then, the LORD is our real joy, but He does care about every detail of our lives no matter how small. He was watching over me and in His sovereignty, He wanted me to feel loved on that cold December day.

To my surprise, the gifts continued. What I thought was a clever poem turned out to be the beginning of the twelve days of Christmas poured out on my family with the love of Christ.

Day Two came, and I was surprised to find another treasure. Two Sonic gift cards – one for me and one for my husband – occupied the mailbox. What sweet friends to obviously awake early each morning with our family on their minds. We rarely eat out because of the tight budget we were on before the loss of my husband’s job, but now to know that we could enjoy a meal together and not worry about how to pay for it was a blessing.

Day Three also came on the night of Day Two. As the LORD would have it, my husband had asked me to go see a popular movie earlier in the week, and I had responded with a quick “no” because we could not afford to spend close to $15 on entertainment and afford the gas to drive half an hour to the closest theater. Less than an hour had passed, and I received a phone call from a company I work for sometimes, and they were willing to pay me to go to the exact movie my husband had asked about. They were going to pay for my ticket and one for a friend and pay me thirty dollars for doing this task. The LORD had it in His divine plan for us to attend that movie, and He was going to provide for us just like in every situation. When we returned from the movie that night, we had another visit from our secret friends. Day Three consisted of three steaks for grilling – a delicacy and a wonderful treat. These blessings were getting bigger and bigger and overwhelmed our hearts.

Day Four came as a luxury for me. The cold rains that day had not deterred the dear, sweet friends from coming early that morning and placing a brown bag with a pink ribbon on the doorstep. The contents included a pair of fun pink socks, a beautiful striped scarf, matching hat, and ivory gloves – four winter accessories just for me. As the days progressed, I began to feel encouraged, and I even wanted to get up in the mornings. My true joy was founded in Christ, but life’s struggles can make it difficult to see through the clouds sometimes. Depression was rearing its head, and I did not fully understanding God’s plan in all of this, but because of little angels getting up early and loving on us, it was something to look forward to.

Day Five was a big surprise. Not only was it at the back door instead of the front, it was a huge cardboard box sitting on top of my husband’s car. It was so heavy one side of his hood was struggling to stay even with the other side. This box contained an envelope with five recipes inside – Aunt Rubye’s Ham, Corn Casserole, Parmesan Bacon Wraps, Chocolate Sauce, and Easy Chicken and Dumplings. And inside the box were the ingredients to make every single recipe down to the “salt to taste.” We were completely blown away by the amount of food delivered to our door. We were supposed to be struggling to make ends meet, yet we had a full refrigerator and pantry. We immediately began to think of whom we could bless with the blessings we had been given, add to that the fact that the two of us and our two-year old picky eater could never finish a ten-pound ham on our own.

The night of Day Five, my husband and I were trying to decide what gifts to order for our grandparents and great Aunts. We usually get them all the same gifts to make things easy for us. We had seven to buy for including my grandfather. Ordering coffee cups with our little one’s picture on them appeared to be the best option. Our total was going to be about $100, and I just could not “proceed to checkout.” I had hoped we could find something a little cheaper and something more unique than a coffee cup to sit with their other 6 million coffee cups.

On Day Six, we received a gift that made us refocus on the joy of giving at Christmas. We received six re-gift-able Christmas gifts already packed in pretty gold boxes. These gifts reminded us that while these daily surprises had been for us, we should seek to bless others with them as well. We quickly opened the boxes and found each box contained a beautiful ornament that played a different charming Christmas carol. Six ornaments would be perfect for our grandparents and great Aunts, excluding my grandfather who would probably be okay not receiving a rather delicate ornament. What a divine appointment and something the secret friend could not have known!

Day Seven brought seven chocolate chip cookies in a precious tin and a box of Lucky Charms. My little one and I loved cereal, and as things would happen, we had run out of cereal a day of two before that. What a blessing it was to pray over your meal and to be able to pray that the LORD would bless the ones who provided it.

Day Eight changed its focus from myself to our little one. Our two-year old received eight Christmas gifts just for her inside of a red and green storage container. She got a big box of diapers (just her style and size), a 42-ounce bag of M&M’s (someone knew she was rewarded with those while potty-training), Dora pajamas (her most favorite character), a huge tube of chocolate chip cookie dough , a cookie pan in the shape of a snowman with icing and candies to decorate with, Dora Bath Tub Fun Set Dora sippee cups, a new Dora DVD, and a pair of magenta boots (again, just her size). What another blessing that brought tears to my eyes to feel the love of Christ expressed by a humble earthly servant who was thinking of my family above themselves.

Later that day, my husband and I went to the real estate office to sign papers to put our home on the market. We had lived here for almost four years and until year three, our house had been just that – a house. But since then our house had become a home, and it was a difficult task to put it on the market and imagine our next baby being brought home to a different location. So that windy December day was a challenge. My little one and I made plans with some friends to go out of town for the day. They are a dear family who wanted to take our toddler to Jackson for a day of fun in celebration of her recent birthday. What a blessing! We spent the day laughing and enjoying their company. She loved the games and pizza at Chuck E. Cheese, and when she may have thought her day was over, she was treated to a shopping spree at Toys-R-Us. We were both overwhelmed by the goodness of their hearts. What a day that turned out to be!

Day Nine kept with Day Eight’s theme and provided nine stocking stuffers for our toddler. She received more M&M’s, three Christmas tree peeps, four chocolate Santa Clauses, Reese’s cups, Skittles, a Dora book, and panties. Of course, we had to hide these things from her, which disappointed her since she was involved in opening our prize daily.

Day Ten was a true treat! What woman doesn’t love a gift certificate to get a pedicure? And what a pampering, since I’ve always considered that to be a luxury!

Day Eleven made me feel special and loved. I received eleven things just for me including three maternity shirts, trouser socks, a beautiful necklace, a beautiful scarf, and personal items – toothpaste, deodorant, shave gel, soft lips chap stick, and mouthwash. What woman doesn’t love clothes, jewelry, and things just for her? To know someone had spent time shopping and picking out things just for me at a store miles and miles away, meant so much! Bless those, Oh LORD, who have blessed us!

Day Twelve brought the end of our Twelve Days of Christmas but not the end of our blessings. We received on our final day a dozen donuts and a Wal-Mart gift card worth quite a large sum of money. I think a feather could have pushed us over onto the cold hardwood floor as we unwrapped the box and saw the amount on the gift card. We knew we could buy gas, food, and any other item we might need with that love offering. With our small budget, it could pay for small expenses for almost an entire month! We were overcome with joy and humbleness by God’s graciousness poured out on our family in a time when we didn’t feel that we deserved anything, especially these blessings.

The night of Day Twelve, we were visiting with some friends when my husband had to run home. He turned into our alley and saw a familiar car leaving the other end. We had been blessed yet again with a carload of groceries. We were given too many things to name including meat, cereal, milk, juice, countless non-perishables, and another 12 pack of Dr. Pepper, caffeine free. Words cannot express the joy and heartfelt thanks.

We have been blessed far beyond the “Twelve Days of Christmas.” We were given monetary gifts over the holidays and were able to deposit more than a monthly house payment into the bank! Our loved ones have provided food as well: invitations to restaurants, bringing food by the house, or having us over for a family meal. Who but the LORD could be involved in our lives and in the lives of those who have blessed us?

The material blessings were incredible, but more than that, we were reminded of God’s love for us as His children. Even without these gifts lavished on us, we still knew the reason for Christmas and the Truth of the Gospel, which is our true joy. We did not need those things to fill us with peace, but it served as a reminder of God’s love and how He can use people to display that love. May we never forget to share the love of Jesus with those around us!

August 26, 2009

Addie Update

Addie, Addie...I have to brag on her a little bit.  She surprises us every single day.  Not only has she begun to ask me "Why?" and expect a valid answer, her appetite has increased, her vocabulary is amazing, and she can count from 1-6 and once from 6-11.  Don't ask me who taught her to go past ten.  Addie also loves to sing and tries so hard to sing her ABC's.

Addie takes a great nap everyday and sleeps all night.  She used to use the "potty" on occasions but has decided the diaper is the way to go for now.  She loves to color and always wants to go go go.  Corn is her favorite food this week, and she loves to snack on poptarts.  She can use her swimmie floats in the pool and doggy paddle all alone.  She works so hard to keep her mouth closed.  

Addie knows a few colors, but when you ask her "what color is this?" she will just shout out whatever color is on her mind without even looking at the object.  If you can get her to focus, she probably gets it right 50% of the time.

Reading is still a favorite pastime, but she likes to flip through the books more and more on her own.

She shocked me today.  It was almost time for her nap, so I took her to her room to change her diaper.  I asked her if she wanted to sleep on her Dora bed (a chair that folds out into a little bed) and she said No.  She curled up on it anyway,  and I covered her up not expecting her to stay put, and would you believe she is still there as we speak??  She may never do it again, but if she does, this would be the easiest transition ever!  She might just take naps on it and transition to her big girl bed later ( at least long enough for me to sand and paint her new bed).  So proud of her!  

She is changing so much!  Thanks for reading!!